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May 23, 2015, 07:05:57 PM

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Author Topic: CGI Error: 403 No variable substitutions in template  (Read 7071 times)
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« on: May 25, 2005, 11:56:47 AM »

I'm trying to use a file upload and receive this error.

Any suggestions?
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« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2005, 05:18:40 AM »

From an online cgiemail manual:

Create an ASCII file, called an e-mail template, that looks something like this:

    To: strangeman@chasm.big HEADER LINES
    Subject: questions three
    blank line
    What is your name? [yourname]
    What is your quest? [quest] BODY
    What is your favorite co lour? [color]

The template file consists of two parts, message headers and the message body. The first part is the message headers. There MUST be a To: line. Put your e-mail address there. There should also be a Subject: line. Put the subject you want the replies to have there.

Some guidelines for creating a working template.

   1. Wherever you want the user of your form to supply information, use a single word inside square brackets with no spaces, e.g. Your name: [yourname]. Not [Put your name here].
   2. Make sure the e-mail address in the To: field is correct.
   3. If there are blank lines before the header lines, remove them.
   4. Make sure all your header lines are valid. Most information should go in the message body.
   5. Make sure there is a blank line between the header lines and the body.
   6. If you created the file on a Mac, be sure to upload it as text, i.e. CR's translated. (Unix computers have different codes denoting the end of a line than Mac's do, so your file might look like one long line to the Unix computer.)

Within these guidelines there is a lot of flexibility. You can put From:, [yourname], and in this case the e-mail would show it was from the name the user input in the yourname field. You can put things like Cc: info@tdl.com in the header, and a copy of the e-mail form would be sent to that e-mail address. Be creative. Just don't put anything in there you wouldn't want us administrators to see, because that's where bounced messages go.

It appears that your template wasn't created correctly - and thats why your recieving the error.

- Ed

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