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I have spendt a good week trying to figure out how to include a jpg file to the
body or to the signature of a horde e-mail.

I am a photogapher, and for me it vital people to see an image in stead of an
line to click to get link.

It would also work, to get the jpg to the signature in stead of the body.

My system is mac osx.

Any hints, this would really help a lot.....



Have you tried putting in html?

You could put in this:

<img src="">

It should show up as an image in most people's e-mail software. You could try it anyway.

I actually tried, both to the body and email, but at least at my other account at yahoo, it was received as html code, not as image...

Did you click the switch to HTML composition link?

Yes, I did, means went to options/mail options/ compose/use html as default....

I am wondering, is there something in structure of horde, preventing to do this?


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