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Author Topic: Moving an LP site from FrontPage2000 to WordPress  (Read 4880 times)

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Moving an LP site from FrontPage2000 to WordPress
« on: May 02, 2011, 07:34:02 AM »
As a longtime user of FrontPage 2000 with another Internet Service Provider for my personal website, I decided in late 2008 to start a website for our model railroad club. I signed on to Lunarpages to purchase the domain and to host the website - http://www.indylargescaler.org/   . I also chose to remain with FrontPage 2000.

As support for FP2000 has dwindled, I finally decided to move to a more modern and better supported program. Several friends and professionals in the web field recommended WordPress for the model railroad site. Since I am a very low tech webmaster, our club board agreed to fund my purchase of a second, temporary domain ( http://gtrain.org/ ) so that I could learn how to use WordPress.

My quandary - with great help from some WP experts, and using the temporary site ( http://gtrain.org/ ), I have figured out the complex problem of password protected pages and some other needs. Now it is time to actually start converting the complete FP2000 site ( http://www.indylargescaler.org/   ) into a permanent WP site. Do I build the total site (135 pages) in the WP gtrain domain and then move the gtrain info to indylargescaler as a WP site? Or do I  finish building the site as a WP site at indylargescaler? How do I drop FP2000 and convert to WP at indylargescaler?

Since I have no concept of how to do the control panel work to change from FP2000 to WP, it is not clear to me which way would work best (or at all). Any comments or suggestions?



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