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Three problems
« on: January 10, 2011, 01:42:50 AM »
Hi everyone,
Iím new to lunarpages and new to website hosting. I created my website using FrontPage 2003. I uploaded my files to the server and everything seems to work fine except for the following three problems that  I hope you guys can help with (in details):

1- If I publish my website using front page, what should I put for the "Remote site location" in the "Remote site properties"? What should I choose for the "Remote Web Server Type"?

2- I tried using ftp once and another time I used http  in Front page to upload my files but with either options FrontPage will upload a few files and then a message pops up saying "could not find a web server at "www.rotelnz.com" on port 21. Please check to make sure that the web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct, the web server may be temporarily out of service" Is there a limitation on the size of files i can upload, because sometimes it works fine if i upload a single file at a time?

3- I inserted a photo gallery using FrontPage. It works on my computer but when I try to view it on the web it shows me "Photo gallery/photo00008171/ real_htm" and no photo gallery shows up. I tried copying all the files from the photo gallery folder on my computer to the corresponding location on the server but no success? Also I inserted a video using FrontPage and made sure that the video is in the right location on the server but it doesn't show up when I view the page on the web?

Thanks for the help in advance...

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Re: Three problems
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2011, 10:34:07 PM »

If you are using the features that require the FrontPage server extensions, be sure to first go into your LunarPages control panel and install the FrontPage server extensions. The extensions do not appear to be installed on rotelnz.com.

1) Assuming you want to use FrontPage HTTP publishing, the remote site location is http://rotelnz.com and the server type is the first option, "FrontPage or SharePoint Services."

2) "could not find a web server at "www.rotelnz.com" on port 21: Make sure the FrontPage server extensions are installed and also make sure if you are using a firewall, that FrontPage is given Internet rights.

3) The FrontPage photo gallery is very rudimentary and is not displayed properly in some browsers. Its use is discouraged by most of us who have used FrontPage for a long time.

"the video is in the right location on the server but it doesn't show up when I view the page on the web"

What is an address of a page that has the video? Then we can look at it.
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All the best, Rick E

Search the Microsoft KB for error messages:

Microsoft groups have additional FrontPage assistance:


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