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Author Topic: Choosing a Shopping Cart - ARGHHHHH  (Read 27673 times)

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Choosing a Shopping Cart - ARGHHHHH
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:07:38 PM »
We have finally decided to move off of our "free" shopping cart and are now shopping for solutions.  I'm now in "Shopping Cart" hell and need someone, anyone, to make recommendations that meet the following:

1. Needs to be a self hosted "buy out" license.  Don't want/need anyone to host things for us.  We pay good money to LP for our dedicated server and want to use it to its full potential.
2. Unlimited products and categories
3. customer database (for email)
4. Paypal and Google Checkout options
5. Shipping calculated by cart, not just item (weight, etc per cart at checkout).
6. Inventory control.
7. Optional (Web interface)

Looked at Coffeecup pro, however it appears to have design limitations that we would like to get beyond.  I think just having the ability to copy and paste code on each item in our existing html would be fine too, as long as the other requirements are met.  

Anyone?  Anyone at all?  Please get me at least half way out of this shopping cart hell!  
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