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Lunarpages: Great for Bitsum Technologies
« on: July 24, 2011, 08:13:50 AM »
The choice of which dedicated hosting provider to pick was difficult, and who knows if I could have done better -- but I am quite happy with Lunarpages. They seem to operate with low overhead, making it unlikely they'll implode in upon themselves like some larger hosts (e.g. the other hosting company, who depends on massive influxes of new customers to sustain their business model).

Servers are reliable, fast, as advertised.

No gimmicks, games, or crud to deal with.

Support is fast, friendly, puts up with me. Unlike some super-huge hosting provider, they likely remember me. On the flip side, if I'm an ahole to them they might remember that too ;p.

The one thing I really hate to see is people with cheap shared accounts complaining because they didn't get the world delivered to them for $5 a month. These people are just insane. They go from host to host, and inevitably experience the same problems. If you need the resources of a dedicated server (virtual or physical), then you need those resources and no shared server will let you skate by for $5 a month.

Lunarpages has been around for a while, seems like it will stay around, and so I'm all for them. I think those who are happy with Lunarpages need to start speaking up, as the aforementioned 'shared hosting whiners' do a lot of whining. Of course, it is very difficult to find any reliable information on the web hosting industry or specific companies with all the SEO and spam going on. You're better off choosing result 100 in a search, as the first 99 are spamvertising for various hosting services.

So, if you are a fan of Lunarpages, stand up and be a fan. I've added a link at the bottom of my pages at http://www.bitsum.com  (see, now this post sounds like spam). I'm quite serious though. I want to make sure Lunarpages thrives, as when you choose a host your interests become intertwined.


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