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Author Topic: Tracking Bandwidth overages  (Read 6036 times)

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Tracking Bandwidth overages
« on: June 24, 2009, 08:09:07 PM »
I get the emails from Lunar saying I am at my 80% and then 90% bandwidth usage, but where are you getting this from?  Because I just got the 80% overage email for the month, but I get 4 different answers when I look at:

1. Webalizer says I used 1900 GB bandwidth for the month

2. That option that says Bandwidth under control panel it says I used 1680 GB for the month

3. The "stats" bar on the left side when I first log in Control Panel also says I used 1680 GB, but it also says my limit is 2441 GB instead of the 2000 GB when I never bought any extra yet

4. And finally under the main account URL where I can purchase bandwidth, change credit card info, etc https://account.lunarpages.com/  says I used 1570 GB for the month.

Last month #4, the main account page seemed to be the most accurate when I got the emails from you saying I was at 80%.  Now this month when I got the 80% overage email it looks like option #2 and #3 are close to accurate.  So how am I supposed to know when I am close to using my 2000 GB limit so I don't waste money buying too much bandwidth?

If you guys are able to tell me when its at 80% then what are you going off of to see this?


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Re: Tracking Bandwidth overages
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2009, 08:42:47 PM »
Hi Codenameviper,

The bandwidth stats for your server are being calculated at the network equipment and this is what is used to send you "about to the bandwidth limit" emails as well as show numbers in main account pages. Webalizer or bandwidth control in cPanel count the bandwidth only for specific protocols and can't be used as exact estimations.

The bandwidth limit in cPanel is not actually the Lunarpages plan limit that gets synchronized with billing and can be modified via WHM as per your needs, if you need to restrict some account from using all the bandwith.

Thus, I would recommend using the item #4 from your list to monitor the bandwidth consumption by your server  and, if you notice a bit dispersancy between those stats and what cPanel shows, you can open a ticket with the support asking to help to find out what creates that gap.
Kind Regards,
Vlad Artamonov


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