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DDOS and Uptime
« on: January 05, 2006, 05:47:57 PM »
Hi Everyone,

Let me define what uptime means relating to Lunarpages and our servers.

Uptime - The time during which a device, such as a computer, is functioning.

This relates specifically to our servers.  Our servers experience 99.9% uptime over a 12 month period.

This does not take into consideration issues with your ISP, DDOS attacks, DOS attacks, congestion issues, network issues etc

During the entire time the network was under attack, our servers remained online and up.  They did not go down, the hardware did not fail and there were no reboots.  Our servers remained up and running.  This constitutes uptime and we are well within our 99.9% limit.

Please see http://ddosworld.com/ for any information regarding DDOS attacks.

If you want us to review your feedback, please email us at feedback@lunarpages.com and we will respond to you ASAP.

These forums are an additional SERVICE we provide you with.  This forum is not un moderated and an opportunity for several people to flame, troll, and basically create more problems within our community.  Again, this is an additional service we provide you, and in return we would appreciate your respect. 

Once again, please do not create new posts about this issue.  It has been discussed to DEATH.  Any new posts created regarding this will be removed.


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