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Author Topic: Apache and PHP upgrade scheduled on shared servers - 30/11 to 04/12 batch  (Read 589 times)

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We will be upgrading PHP from the version 5.5 to version 5.6  on the following servers:

DORADO      30/11/2016   Wednesday
DOTTIE      30/11/2016   Wednesday
DREAMER   30/11/2016   Wednesday
DWELLING   30/11/2016   Wednesday
EAGLE      30/11/2016   Wednesday
EGOI      30/11/2016   Wednesday
EDAIN      30/11/2016   Wednesday

ELEN      01/12/2016   Thursday
EMBLA      01/12/2016   Thursday
ENOCH      01/12/2016   Thursday
ETERNAL      01/12/2016   Thursday
EUROPA      01/12/2016   Thursday
EVENTIDE   01/12/2016   Thursday
FAMILIA      01/12/2016   Thursday

FAND      02/12/2016   Friday
FATI              02/12/2016   Friday
FELICITAS   02/12/2016   Friday
FIREFLY      02/12/2016   Friday
FREETIME   02/12/2016   Friday
FUZZY      02/12/2016   Friday
GALAXY      02/12/2016   Friday

GALLIFREY   03/12/2016   Saturday
GARM      03/12/2016   Saturday
GEMINI      03/12/2016   Saturday
GOOD      03/12/2016   Saturday
GREEN      03/12/2016   Saturday
GRIFFIN      03/12/2016   Saturday
HAFGAN      03/12/2016   Saturday

HALLEY      04/12/2016   Sunday
HANI      04/12/2016   Sunday
HAPI              04/12/2016   Sunday
HAU              04/12/2016   Sunday
HAWTHORNE   04/12/2016   Sunday
HEBE      04/12/2016   Sunday
HELLEN      04/12/2016   Sunday

The latest releases available within the stable branch will be used and the upgrade is to take place around 9 PM PST on the scheduled days.

In order to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly please review your sites for compatibility with PHP's 5.6.x branch. Incompatibilities between PHP's versions 5.5 and 5.6 can be found at http://php.net/manual/en/migration56.php .

For more details on PHP 5.6, please review the change log at http://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php .

Most scripts should run without issues on PHP 5.6, however there might be functions that will need to be changed - see http://php.net/manual/en/migration56.changed-functions.php for details.

Please note that you may check the current status for this server at any time in CAP via https://account.lunarpages.com by logging in with your account username and password, then by clicking the Network Status icon.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any issues with your site, please contact us at support@lunarpages.com or through our helpdesk at https://support.lunarpages.com/dashboard .

Lunarpages System Administrator Team

Tarik Klair
System Administrator Team

Telephone: 1-714-521-8150
Fax: 1-714-521-8195


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