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Author Topic: Calling all Shared Windows® customers.  (Read 34382 times)

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Calling all Shared Windows® customers.
« on: December 15, 2011, 04:22:45 PM »

Is your account hosted on one of our many Windows® shared servers that are running Windows® 2003
using IIS6? Would you like the opportunity to upgrade to 2008 ahead of the crowd? We have started
a planning phase of migrating all customers over to a Windows® 2008 Platform as the support term
for Windows® 2003 is nearing its end of life through Microsoft™.

As Windows® 2003 is stable yet out dated we are making plans to migrate all Windows® shared customers
over to a new server with Windows® 2008 R2 and IIS 7. There are a few changes that will also take
place with this massive migration but most of all for you the end user this will not really be a
noticeable change and should have zero impact on your sites operation or email services.

We are currently in an internal test phase of this process and will soon be opening this process up
to any existing customer that would like to migrate their data over to the new servers in efforts
to assist us in verification of the migration procedures that we have written up. These processes
will not require any changes from the end users as the DNS servers will remain the same. The only
major changes that will take effect are as listed below.

1. New Server Operating System (Windows® 2008 R2)
2. New Server name and IP address. (**if you have a dedicated IP address this will not change)
3. New MSSQL® Database Server (Running MS SQL® 2008 R2 as well)

We will manage all migration aspects of this process and at most times will require only minimal
feedback from the end user (customer). If you are interested in participating in this process please
send an email to windows@lunarpages.com and in the subject Please provide your account name
(domain will work as well) and "migration 2008 early start".

**For example if your domain is named lunarpages.com you would enter the subject line as follows**

lunarpages.com - migration 2008 early start.

Once this request is received we will schedule a time that this migration can take place and make
sure to update on all status changes for the account.
Richard DuBois
MS Exchange Engineer
Lunar Pages Administration Team

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