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Add-on Domains
« on: August 14, 2003, 04:13:58 AM »
I had a few questions . . . I'm debating between getting an add-on domain or two separate accounts.

I currently have two domains, let's call them:
   seconddomain.com (my add-on with another host)

My current host handles my add-on domain with a forward.  If a customer types http://www.firstdomain.com (example only), it automatically goes to:


The customer only sees the expanded URL.  It also appears to be causing a problem with search engine rankings.  In addition, another search engine rejected the add-on domain, and informed me that I needed to submit the long expanded URL instead.  Does Lunarpages also handle add-ons this way?  

Next, my current host accepts in-coming mail from both domains, however, out-going mail must use my primary domain name.  Thus, customers do not receive mail from me@seconddomain.com.  How does Lunarpages handle e-mail for add-ons?

I currently have a unique IP address for my primary domain.  From reading the forums I noticed that the basic Lunarpages accounts do not offer this.  Can you get one for an additional fee? I know that it's necessary for a secure certificate, but are there additional reasons to have a unique IP address?  I've been shopping around and other hosts seem to feel it's important (ie. selling point).  

And finally (sorry for so many questions), your uptime guarantee, does that include e-mail as well as the web site?  My current host informed me that their uptime guarantee referred to my site being online.  When there was a problem with my e-mail and it bounced everything for 3 days that didn't count.  

Thanks in advance for any info.


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