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Author Topic: Am I ready to transfer and sign-up, is my domain unlocked already, can I check?  (Read 396 times)

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I want to sign-up with you and transfer my domain.
My Status is not "REGISTRAR-LOCK", it says Status: Active
Is that enough indication?
I've emailed a couple times my current host to unluck it so that I can transfer it.
I have gotten no response from them yet, but maybe they did it without notifying me.  Is there a way to check?
Can I sign-up and they you will start the transfer, how do I know it will be sucessful?

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Here are a couple of threads re this:


If you already have a site, I suggest you get the site set up with LP first, and make the DNS changes with your current registrar.

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Active means the domain is unlocked and ready.

You do not need to transfer the domain itself to use it here. You can just change the nameservers at your current registrar to point to the ones you are assigned after account activation.

If you do want to transfer it, we require that you pay for a year of registration for $14.95. A year will be added to your current registration time left. Email hostmaster@lunarpages.com after your account is activated to start a transfer. It can take up to a week and we can't transfer an expired domain.

Lunarpages can also privatize the domain to hide your personal address details for an additional $6.95 per year.


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