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Looking for a new hosting
« on: September 23, 2005, 10:14:14 PM »
We are not satisfied with our current hosting company. Your hosting company was recommended to us but we have some questions.

1. We are using a XML database that sits on other web site (that we have) and my pages read it using a php files.
Then, I call the php files from a .htm files. That means that in my .htm files I have a few PHP code lines.
At my current hosting I use a command at the htaccess that process my .htm files as .php files.
I would like to know if your hosting can provide a new home for my web site as is?

2. We are using a secure files (SSL) for reservations - what will be the URL when using your SSL cert. & which SSL you are using?
How much it will cost us to have our own SSL & do you advise how to install it?

3. You offer 2 hosting plans - what is the major difference between them so we`ll know which one to choose.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

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Re: Looking for a new hosting
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2005, 06:09:45 PM »
Hi Brandi, I'm not staff at LP, but figured I'd take a shot at answering some of your questions based on my experiences and such with LP...

1) Yes, it is possible. You will probably need to alter the .htaccess file to have the .htm file parsed for the php code, but it sounds like you are familiar with that. From the sound of it, things on that front would work the same at LP as with your current host.

2) You can access the shared SSL cert, but my understanding is that it won't work with PHP pages. For that you would need your own SSL cert. Here's a page with some info on the shared SSL cert and what it takes to get a private cert installed and setup: http://www.lunarpages.com/desc/shuttle_ssl_certificate.htm

3) Here's a page that compares the two hosting plans:  http://www.lunarpages.com/plan.php
The main differences appear to be the additional bandwidth, storage space, included mysql DBs, and included add-on domains...

Hope this helps...
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