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Author Topic: Running JChatBox off of Lunar  (Read 1246 times)

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Running JChatBox off of Lunar
« on: August 24, 2003, 06:49:59 PM »
I emailed support and got an answer on if you offered script installation.  Amy was fast enough to answer that question for me.   :D  Even though Amy said she was going to pass my email onto the JSP Tech i thought i would post my other question here for any members who maybe are using this script on thier site now.  Maybe someone can give me some feedback on it.  

Ive been looking for a host that supports Java Servlets for awhile now.  I have a chat script/program that i want to host for a chat group i belong to.  I wanted to make sure that your servers meet the requirements on the developers site.  

Heres the address to the chat script::


And these are the requirements as stated by that site...

Software :

jChatBox NEEDS JSP1.0/Servlets2.1 engine to run.
jChatBox need JVM 1.2 or higher to run.
jChatBox has been validated under Tomcat 3.1, Tomcat 3.2.x, Tomcat 4.0.x, Tomcat 4.1.x , Resin 1.2.3, Resin 2.1.x, JRun 3.x, JRun4, WebLogic 5.1, WebLogic 6.x, WebLogic 7.0, ServletExec 3.1, SunONE 7.0, Orion 1.5.2, Websphere 3.5.3, Websphere 4.0.x, Websphere 5.0. However, it should run under any JSP1.0/Servlets2.1 (or higher) compliant engine. Note that most engines could be plugged with web servers (Apache, IIS, NES, ...). As JAVA is "Write Once, Run Anywhere", jChatBox works under any OS supporting JAVA 2 (Win32, Solaris, Linux, MAC ...).

Is there anyone using this app that is hosted here at Lunar??  
If you have any useful tips , feedback is useful and much appreciated.   :)



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