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I'm looking for a high bandwidth VPS to use mostly for my own file backups. Needs at least 50GB of storage (100-200GB storage preferred) and a low cost per megabit for file transfers. I don't believe "unmetered" bandwidth claims any more.

It's been difficult to find a reputable VPS host who can legitimately deal with a few TB per month of my file transfers up and down. A few VPS accounts I set up already claim "unmetered bandwidth" but quickly cancel the account when they see a lot of transfers.

I don't mind paying for legitimate cost per megabit, on some sort of bulk pricing, to a well established provider of VPS accounts with full shell/ssh access that won't shut down the account. Access will only be from a handful of my own IP's, no file sharing happening. International companies are fine, prefer to pay by paypal and instant setup would be a big plus.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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The only recommendation you can ask for here on Lunarforums is whether Lunarpages can fulfill your requirements. Any mention of other hosting companies will be ruthlessly purged.
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