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Title: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on August 21, 2010, 01:48:36 PM
Hi; I have a working web application accessible at http://www.skilladvance.com/LCGRR. I would now like to make this a default application for a client of mine, another Lunarpages account.  I can make it work in a subdirectory on their account - is there now a way of utilizing root.war to make a WAR archive into a default app?

I see that there are many questions along the same lines going back several years - does anyone know whether this is now possible?


Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on August 27, 2010, 07:04:58 AM
OK, I give up now.  After a week of back and forth with an open ticket, I've come to the conclusion that whilst there is a way to do what I want, LP support is not going to assist.  Yes, I am frustrated and yes, I've noted that in my open ticket.  Just to vent, below is a sample of the responses I've received on this ticket.

"If they are working on 2 accounts on the same server it should be a difference in server configuration and I suspect it may be related to the file name."  [ presumably NOT a difference in server configuration, since the two accounts are on the same server.

I then asked : "I therefore have a question which needs a simple YES or NO response ... is it possible to upload root.war only and have Resin expand that as it does with other WAR files?"

The response: "We really apologize for the inconvenience. I was able to extra .war file. Please only put one root.war file, either in cap or in lower case."  This was followed by
root@happy [/home/lcgrr0/public_html/webapps]# jar xvf root.war 
presumably an indication that a shell command is needed to manually extract info.  Not helpful if one doesn't have shell access.

I asked : "1) Is it possible and permitted on the Lunarpages servers to upload a .war file and access the content using a simple Uniform Resource Locator (like http://www.lcgrr.org) without a path (like ../foobar)? 2) If it is possible, please confirm the exact name of the .war file to be used (root.war, ROOT.war, something else)?"

The response: "We really apologize for the inconvenience. I have checked that your ROOT.war file is not deploying in any resin 3.x based server, Where test .war file is extracting very easily. For Resin packaging/deployment I advise you to visit http://www.caucho.com/resin/admin/deploy.xtp" Yes, I knew that.  The URL is a reference to the Caucho Resin 4.x help pages, also no help!

"Regarding your questions .1 , Yes You can deploy in document root. Your ROOT.war if not extracting by Resin Servants. Please check with the link iI given you above and let us know if that helps."  It didn't.  Partially because the response wasn't understandable. What about question 2?

And to close, the message ended "If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact us for further help. We are committed to making your hosting experiences pleasant and fulfilling.

Seriously, boilerplate platitudes aren't so helpful.  This experience has been neither pleasant nor fulfilling.

There, I feel better now.  Not that I expect a response, given the liveliness of this forum, but you never know.  If anyone does know the secret of how to deploy a WAR file that is accessible without a path suffix to the URL, I'd be pleased to hear it.


Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on August 30, 2010, 02:01:29 PM
FYI, after a direct discussion with the Resin authors, please see here:


which says: "Yes, naming the war as "ROOT.war" should deploy to the "/" url. If there was ever a problem/bug with this in Resin 2.1.6, it's definitely fixed by now."

My thought is that something is being blocked specifically by LunarPages.  I'll reopen my support ticket then and try once more.

Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on August 31, 2010, 04:13:53 AM
Update - "... your domain's configuration entry in the global resin.conf file [that] was modified".

Ha!  Getting closer to the er, root cause!!

Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on September 01, 2010, 03:04:58 AM
Update from LP Support:

"I believe the cause of the issue you notice for ROOT.war is explicit declaration of "/" application in Resin configuration. It is usually setup by us by default for jsp files to start working right after uploading into public_html."

Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: katrina1 on September 01, 2010, 04:30:45 AM
Sounds like you are getting somewhere. Hang in there.

Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: SkillAdvance on September 02, 2010, 10:04:29 AM
Everything is now working the way I wanted.  Kudos to support for finally getting there - however, why did the journey have to be sooooo painful!

I accept that not all front-line support have the info to hand regarding Java EE (JSP/Servlets) but to receive virtually unreadable responses to long and detailed messages from me, embellished with what is obviously a block of standard text bidding me to have a nice day, is just more irritation.

I've waited over 24 hours before writing this message, in order to allow my annoyance to dissipate and therefore not to write something I may later regret.  But why, oh why, did I need to jump through so many hoops, so many times, in order to convince someone back up the support line to take my requests seriously.

At least I now know exactly what to request when the same circumstance arises again, which it surely will because I intend to bring a new client to LunarPages very soon.

There ... I feel better.  A bit. 

Thanks for listening, Support!

Title: Re: Is it possible / permitted to use 'root.war'
Post by: norte1 on October 18, 2010, 04:41:03 AM
I had the same experience with a basic servlet exception http://www.lunarforums.com/jsp_and_servlets_support/servletexception-t55878.0.html (http://www.lunarforums.com/jsp_and_servlets_support/servletexception-t55878.0.html).  I shared your exact notion that front support should not need to get involved in the deep techy stuff, they are there to inform people what .HTML files are used for   :D.    And yes the second line support seems to brush things off a bit too easy.   My guess is that 99.99% of technical programming issues are with the specific programmer's application code, not with LP setup.  And for them they can't tell them apart without tearing through code, so I kind of understand their viewpoint.  Those of us that experience the 0.001% of problems that are LP initiated will be in a world of hurt.   I understand this, but man it did not make my frustrations any easier that's for sure.

One problem, I dare say, is not with Lunar Pages support rather people that post in forums.  Most people that post in forums, do not go back for a final post, and put in the solution.  You have figured this out, your posts are good, and helpful, I've seen a few.  I figured it  out as well, however, I've done my share of dangling threads.

When the sky is falling, everyone runs to the forums.  They post their problems, ask people to help, then when the solution is found they don't return the helpful favour.  That's like getting to watch a whodunnit movie but never getting to see the last 10 minutes of the film.  Crazy.

Keep up the good work SkillAdvance.