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Search Engine Optimization / Re: How to promote Sports news website?
« Last post by MrPhil on Today at 07:51:39 AM »
Just a warning... if you want to show live streaming or live scores, you will have to get written permission from whatever sports organization controls that sport, and likely have to pay a fee based upon your audience size. All major sports have exclusive contracts with media companies to allow them to carry content live (and for up to some time period such as 15 minutes). They will not look kindly upon you if you pirate their content (stream or scores). Media streams are copyrighted programs, and can't be freely reproduced for many years, while scores are generally embargoed for some short period of time (less than an hour).

If you want to carry some sport that's struggling to get exposure, such as the International Hackysack League, you can probably do it very cheaply (or even for free). If you want to carry the NFL live, that's gonna cost you.
Any reply that mentions any hosting service other than Lunarpages will be immediately removed, and the member blacklisted as a spammer!

Lunarpages allows cURLs, and there is no set limit that I'm aware of. However, each instance does consume resources (CPU load, bandwidth), and excessive CPU load on a shared server will result in restrictions on an account. It would be best to open a support ticket to sales@lunarpages.com or support@lunarpages.com and discuss your exact anticipated load. They should be able to tell you which hosting plan at LP should best fit your needs. You can always start with a Basic plan (Linux, shared server), and if you run into load problems, upgrade to a more capable plan (at higher expense, of course). Just be prepared to have to move in a hurry.

I'm gonna be using a third-party server for sending SMS's from my website.
Each SMS requires a CURL call to the SMS server.
I need to send lots of lots of messages (not spam if that matters, i have clients with membership contacts).

are there any limitations to curl calls on most web hosts?
any recommendations for web hosts that handles such things?

Thanks a million!
Search Engine Optimization / Re: Guest Blogging
« Last post by amit.ncode on Today at 02:39:45 AM »
Nobody can deny the importance of Guest Blogging in this digital era. It can help you to expand your reach to new customers. Once your guest post gets approved, you will also get backlinks to your website which can help you to get new visitors as well as it can help your website rank higher on SERPs.
To cross check your SEO campaign's success, you first need to check what is the goal of your SEO campaign. If the goal is to increase sells, you can take a look at the sells figure if it's increased or not. If it's increased then you should check whether it overcome the cost of SEO or not. The revenue/goal value must be more than the SEO cost. If you are achieving this, your SEO campaign is a success.
Search Engine Optimization / Re: what is .htacess file?
« Last post by amit.ncode on Today at 02:19:28 AM »
.htaccess file is a configuration file for Apache server.  It can give you control over how your website will be performed in specific circumstances. You can set 301, 404 and many other redirections here. You can also password protect any pages here.
Hosting Server Bulletins / BAHA Planned Move - 26th July 2017
« Last post by Jassi on Today at 02:08:26 AM »
Dear Customer,

BAHA will begin a planned move to a new server on 26th July 2017. This move is required in order to upgrade the serverís operating system from CentOS 5, which has been phased out for support, to CentOS 7.x. The exact time and date for the switch to the new hardware will be announced through the 'Network Status' section of your https://account.lunarpages.com account at least 24 hours in advance. You will experience no downtime during this process. We suggest you make no significant changes to your site after you receive the announcement.

We will also be updating MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4 and PHP to the latest stable releases from their respective release trees. In addition to PHP 5.6, we will also provide PHP 7.x using the latest EasyApache installation from cPanel.

We have backups on hand for all databases in the event of any issues with the upgrade process. For more details on MySQL and specifically MySQL 5.6 series, please review the changelog at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/5.6/en/index.html.

Please note that you may check the current status for this server at any time in CAP via https://account.lunarpages.com/ with your cPanel username and password, then by clicking the Network Status icon. Additionally, the move will result in completely giving up on FrontPage extensions, which are now deprecated and have been replaced with WebDAV.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience in the interim. If you have any issues with your site, please contact support@lunarpages.com

Lunarpages System Administrator Team.
Use content marketing more. Create a different kind of informative content like a blog post, guest post, videos, infographics, images, podcast etc. which can help to address user's concern. Submit them in high-quality websites related to your niche. Also be active on social media. Post your content on social media so that people can share it with their network. All these activities can help you earn good backlinks and targeted traffic.
Search Engine Optimization / Re: How to promote Sports news website?
« Last post by amit.ncode on Today at 01:59:05 AM »
First of all, you need unique & appealing content on your website. You can also add live streaming, live score, commentary, fantasy games etc o your website to make it more interesting. To promote your website, you should publish a guest post on major sports related websites, online magazines etc. One of the best ways to promote sports website is to take an exclusive interview of any sports person and post it to your website. It can bring lots of targeted visitors to your website as well.
Search Engine Optimization / Re: Traffic analysis tool!
« Last post by amit.ncode on Today at 01:53:03 AM »
There are many tools available in the market to analyze traffic. But Google Analytics is the best one as it provides lots of information regarding your traffic, source, landing pages, goal conversions, bounce rate, real time visitors count etc. You should choose Google Analytics for analyzing traffic.
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