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Title: Reseller or Not
Post by: durangod on May 06, 2010, 07:16:15 AM
I have looked into the reseller program several times and have allways settled back into my aff program because the reseller does not seem to capture what i need.  

What usually happens when i sell a website build for a client is that if they dont have hosting i will suggest we do a conference call with LP and set it up, that way they get to be involved in the decision and i get credit..  I will be honest i really dont trust that i will get credit with a customer  online setup by clicking on a banner ( i just have never trusted such- there are too any variables that can happen and i loose the credit), sorry but i prefer the conference call.  Plus i know the customer will get the latest rates without me having to guess what they are.

Anyway moving on - as a customer oriented person i would like to simply appear to offer the hosting for them but there are some downsides for me and im hoping this post will clear them up...

I do not want to purchase blocks of website domains and then hope to sell them.
I want an easy way to get the full total price for a plan easily (including the extras such as restore, privacy all that) in which i can just tell the customer how much it will be, he will pay me and i will call lp and set it up...
But doing it that way i dont get credit for the referral because im the one calling, so im screwed there.

I also want a way of being able to bill the customer but again i am not a big company, we are on a very tight budget and after reading the plans for the reseller they seem to be more designed for the larger and establised web site firms.

Bottom line is i want the ability for my customer to focus on building their business and streamline this as me as their total web contact without it breaking my bank in the process.

UPDATE-- My apologies, i just noticed the reseller forum i guess i should have posted this there, you may move if you like. sorry about that.
Title: Re: Reseller or Not
Post by: doncht on March 12, 2015, 07:57:11 AM
Thinking about doing Reseller for some passive income this year. Will need a huge investment though. Wish me luck guys!
Title: Re: Reseller or Not
Post by: MrPhil on March 12, 2015, 08:46:07 AM
No one is going to want to pay you to provide hosting service for them, unless you provide some value-add that makes it worthwhile for them. Otherwise, they would just sign up with a host (such as LP) on their own and pocket the difference. I haven't read the Terms and Conditions for reseller accounts, but maybe they would allow short term (one or two month) accounts, for people who just want a site for a short time? I'm not sure how you would make money on that, though. I know that some people want to pay monthly for their account, getting the low cost of a long term account without having to lay out all that cash up front. That could be risky, though.

Remember that LP offers official reseller accounts. Do not resell a regular shared server account, as that violates Terms of Service.
Title: Re: Reseller or Not
Post by: MrPhil on July 01, 2016, 08:36:24 AM
It occurs to me that you might be able to satisfy customers looking for monthly payments at a long-term rate, with the following mechanism: initially charge them a high monthly fee, with the amount dropping month-by-month until you are at a price at or slightly below the usual prevailing annual rates. They get their desired monthly payments (and, eventually, low rates); you get some protection if they cancel early or otherwise don't pay (you've collected more up front). Be sure to spell out the payment schedule exactly -- there's nothing worse than advertising "only $2.95/month with monthly payments", but in the tiny fine print, the first month is $12.95!

Remember that you can't resell on a regular shared server account (violates Terms of Service). LP offers reseller accounts on shared servers, and you might be able to resell capacity on dedicated, CoLo, VPS/cloud, etc. (but first read their terms carefully -- I'm not familiar with those plans).