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Author Topic: IWP installation from Cpanel?  (Read 1756 times)

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IWP installation from Cpanel?
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:02:05 PM »

I have a Basic account and attempted installing the IWP Infinite Word Press 'manager' suggested if Softaculous is available..

The installer expects a login of the form domain_name:2083, but with the Basic account, Cpanel login is accomplished through a two step process...clicking on Cpanel in the HTML list of functions brings up a second (green) Cpanel icon...

The link code for these two actions is much more complex than the 'clean' form expected.

The installation failed for some reason, which I kind of expected based on the big difference in login format.

Two questions:

Does anyone know if and how this can be installed thru the preferred simple automated method?

Does anyone know if this Word Press 'manager' can process a pre-existing WP installation?

I have a WP-based website created by someone hired about a year ago, but my business partner decided to not proceed after the first draft and down payment.

I was hoping to study the WP installation to see if I could get up to speed on how it was created, but just poking around in folders is the wrong way.

IWP sounds like a higher level interface that may make it easier to see the functional interfaces of a WP installation, rather than attempting reverse engineering by looking at a 'compiled' WP installation.




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