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May 23, 2015, 02:23:31 AM

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Author Topic: SSL Cert Installation on Plesk VPS  (Read 3170 times)
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« on: August 04, 2011, 07:43:59 PM »


Maybe someone can help me as LunarPages said they probably can't help me for a day or two!

I was on the phone with their support and we were trying to get my Linux VPS to recognize the new SSL cert before mine expires.  As we were trying to do this it was suggested to delete the current active SSL certificate since I could not get the drop down option to select the newly installed SSL cert.  Well, that was a bad move.  Now I have no SSL cert and for a eCommerce site I am basically out of business for a day or two until Lunarpages can help.  So I am hoping someone here will be able to give me some guidance.

Now when we deleted the currently active SSL certificate that was about to expire in a day or two the weird thing is the new replacement certificate is now gone too.  So I only have a old outdated cert(from a previous installation that was not active prior) which obviously throws an error anytime a customer goes to order.  We can't get rid of that old one either.  If we install the new on again, it still shows up as the old one.   Here are the steps I am following:

Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel.
From the left-hand menu, select Domains.
Click on the domain name that the certificate is issued for.
Click on the SSL Certificates menu item.
Click Browse and locate your signed SSL certificate.
Select it, then select Send File - this uploads and installs the certificate against the corresponding private key.
On the displayed list, click on the name of the certificate.
Open the certificate bundle (gd_bundle.crt) in a text editor and copy and paste its contents into the box labeled CA Certificate.
Click the Send Text button.
Click Up Level; then choose Setup.
At the top of the page, change the SSL Certificate drop-down menu to the certificate you have just installed.
Click the Server item from the left-hand menu.
Click Service Management.
If your server is running Linux, stop and start the Apache process.

I appreciate any help you guys can provide.

I apologize but I am editing this as I just read this also serves as a input method for trouble tickets too.  I thought this was just for users sharing data.  I do have a ticket in for this and my intention was not to create double work.  If the moderator feels it should be removed, that is ok as I don't want to violate any terms of service.  

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