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Author Topic: After more than a decade as a customer am being run off for questionable reasons  (Read 206 times)

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Site: Johndiesattheend.com. It's just a series of buy links, at this point.

Got an email saying we were using a high number of resources. Those errors are usually a result of a misconfigured Wordpress, but we had gotten rid of Wordpress. In the report, at the top of the resource usage is robots.txt which is a small text file, but okay. We blocked all bots except yahoo, bing and google through htaccess, and offloaded all scripts and images, so the page should have to do almost nothing - it is basically 200 lines of code telling the users browser to load things from another location.

It's my understanding that increased MEM and CPU usage on websites comes from hacked wordpress installs (which we have none), misconfigured (or maliciously configured) bots crawling and recrawling the site (which we have stopped from being possible), poorly optimized javascript (which our javascripts are self contained and conform to the web standards per twitterbootstrap documentation), or lots of people viewing the site legitimately (there aren't that many users coming in, we had basically a couple of days of high traffic due to an external link that then tapered off - so sorry we actually got users to the site we're paying for!).

Still using too many resources, they said. So, they suggested we limit the google crawl rate - fine, we limited it to 500 seconds between requests. We had left up a redirect to the front page so that users trying to find the content we moved would still be bounced to the main page instead of getting a 404 -- they said that might be causing the problem. Fine, we removed redirects. We have gutted the site at this point.

After all that, after removing EVERYTHING, they come back again and say, sorry, you're required to upgrade to a new host or we turn you off, we're not giving you any additional tips on fixing it. So that's what this was really about? Trying to upsell me on a higher package? Because I simply don't believe the high usage reports at this point - we've done every single thing we were asked to do.

I'm paid up through this August, if they suspend the account, I assume they refund me the rest of the money?

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That is very unfortunate. It sounds like you've done everything you can to reduce resource usage. A few items: have you listed all the files on your site and checked that there was nothing planted there (a hack) from back when you ran WordPress? How much time has passed since you last cut down what was on the site? LP should allow at least a few days to let things stabilize before acting on measurements. robots.txt is requested by most bots, but shouldn't cause that much load to serve, unless it is huge. Google is crawling you every 500 seconds? That seems rather frequent for such a static site. How often does content change? How about once a day crawls? Are other bots crawling your site at an insane rate? Are you doing anything that might be luring them, such as unnecessarily frequent minor content updates? Do you have any rivals or enemies who might be sponsoring a DDoS attack on you? Have you taken a long hard look at all executable scripts and code (PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.) to see if you might be getting deep recursion or long loops? Javascript (as well as Java applets) runs only on the visitor's  browser, so I can't see it causing a heavy server load unless it's sending a lot of traffic back to the server.

I don't have any contacts on the LP support side; I'm just a forum moderator, so I can't offer much help besides the above suggestions. I hope you find the problem. Good luck!
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Got an email saying we were using a high number of resources.

I could have written the exact same message you did.  Except that I am running two WordPress sites, and as far as I can tell neither one has been hacked.

I've followed all the suggestions from LunarPages support, blocking IPs, turning down bot crawl rates, etc. etc. and it isn't enough to make them happy.  I'm also getting the upsell to a higher package.

I feel this is a shakedown from LunarPages.  I've packed up my website and I've moved to another service provider.  Unfortunately, my LP account just went through its billing cycle a few weeks ago, and Lunarpages does not pro-rate refunds, so I will be out nearly a year's worth of service.  But it will be worth it to end the harrassment from their support staff.

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I've received the same warnings a few times myself and felt like it's a shakedown as well. These warnings come with little to no actionable information and us, as webmasters, are expected to suddenly divine from our crystal balls what the root cause is, when LP has all the tools at their fingertips to mitigate the situation. But instead they claim ignorance and threaten to shut you down unless you either upgrade or magically resolve the issue. My advice is to try as many of the suggestions that support throws at you and see if it can be resolved. I've run out of patience multiple times with them but fortunately have managed to keep my sites running here for 14 or so years.
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