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Author Topic: Creating, uploading, and streaming a Flash Video file on Lunarpages  (Read 8980 times)

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Creating, uploading, and streaming a Flash Video file on Lunarpages 

using Macromedia Flash Profesional 8.

-Flash 8
-Flash 8 Encoder
-Source video file to convert
-Flash 8 player installed on client's browser
-Hosting Plan with Lunarpages

====================Create FLV file
-Open Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder.
-Add your video file. This can be .asf, .avi, .dv, .mov, .mp4, or .mpeg

file format.
-Select Start Queue.
-This will output a .flv file to a specified directory.

Now, you will need an FLVPlayback component to play the video in your


================Create and point FLV to SWF
-Open Macromedia Flash 8
-Ensure the components Window is open under Window | Components

-In your components Window, you will see FLV Playback - Player 8.
Note: You can also customize your FLV playback - for more information on

how to do this, go to


-Drag an instance of the FLV Player into your working space.

-Now, we need to point the instance of the Video player to the actual

.flv file on our server. This is accomplished by opening your Component

Inspector Window, and double clicking on the Content Path Value. This

will bring up your Content Path window. Type in the complete path to your

.flv file.

-Save your file and publish your .swf and .html file.

================== UPLOADING via FTP Client
-Open your FTP client, login to your Lunarpages account, and navigate to

the /public_html directory.
-Point to your folder containing your .flv file and the folder where you

wish to upload your files on the server (generally, ftp clients show your

local drive on the left window and server on the right window)

Note: You may want to have your video files in a different folder then

your swf and html file. Also, ensure your swf and html files are

consistent to how they were created on your local drive.

==================UPLOADING via cPanel File Manager
-Open cPanel - http://yourdomain.com/cpanel
-Navigate to File Manager
-Once in File Manager, navigate to the directory/directories where you

will upload your files. Click on the Upload file(s) link near the top of

the page.

-Select your files on your hard drive, and click on the Upload button

Also, contrary to popular belief...there is no special MIME configuration

required on our Linux servers to play .flv files. As long as the MIME

configuration to play an .swf file is enabled (it's set to play by

default), you should be able to view your streaming video without any

problems. It should look something like this...

application/x-shockwave-flash   swf  

(this can be viewed in cPanel under "MIME Types")

That's it!
Good luck! :)

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Re: Creating, uploading, and streaming a Flash Video file on Lunarpages
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2007, 02:00:16 PM »
This will stream the video as a "progressive download" strategy, not true streaming. I believe the latter requries Adobe Flash Media Server. Is this capability enabled my lunarpages?

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Re: Creating, uploading, and streaming a Flash Video file on Lunarpages
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2007, 11:29:25 AM »
Okay, I did my own research, and discovered that lunarpages does not support streaming flash video. I have successfully used a pseudo-streaming setup, described at http://www.flashcomguru.com/index.cfm/2005/11/2/Streaming-flv-video-via-PHP-take-two. I suggest you use this method if you have large flash files, to avoid having to download the entire file before it plays.

My results can be viewed at http://www.henryfordem.com/mom.htm


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